I can help you to raise both the profile and the profit margin of your business with thoughtful, carefully curated campaigns.

I am a copywriter and marketer with 10 years of experience in marketing, social media, and PR.

I have broad experience across both B2B and B2C marketing. My current specialism is food and drink, and I’ve previously created copy for an adventure travel company, a luxury car hire business, a telecommunications giant, and a cutting-edge identity verification service, to name just a few examples.

Recent Project Example
I’ve recently been working with Equity Brewing Company, based in Oklahoma, USA. The team at Equity believe that “everyone should be welcome at and have access to the craft beer table”, and wanted to create blog content highlighting diversity in the beer industry. In a series of blog posts, I helped Equity to amplify voices of those working towards diversity in beer, such as Beer Kulture and The Queer Brewing Project, explore the history of brewing in Oklahoma, and spotlight some beers from their core range.

Testimonial from Equity Brewing Company:
“We were delighted to find an amazing writer who shared our passion for diversity, equity and inclusion in beer – a writer that not only has a way with words, but has tremendous beer knowledge and a commitment to sharing it with others. Hollie has contributed so much to Equity Brewing Co’s mission through her beautiful and imaginative writing. We could not achieve our vision to educate and include others in the amazing world of craft beer without her!”

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